Stello and Auranote



The Stello and Auranote products from April Music are extremely well designed and well-made high quality products sitting at the cutting edge between traditional cd replay and the new drive into storing music on computer and hard drive systems.



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The AURANOTE PREMIER Audiophile one-box system

The AURANOTE is an extremely stylish, true high-end, one-box minimalist solution for lovers of music where separate components are not suitable or necessary.

Click to enlargeIt is beautifully designed by Kenneth Granger, the famous British industrial designer who’s past triumphs include the Parker Pen and the new London Taxis. Kenneth Granger Auranote

Cutting edge connectivity means the Aura note Premier can be linked to any computer or ipod-style device , interface smoothly, and simply play your music!

With one touch it will even convert CDs or radio to mp3 format and transfer them to a memory stick for portable use.

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As “Affordable Audio” said when awarding the AURANOTE a “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” Award :

“After spending a few months with the Aura Note, I do believe it is the successor to the B & O Beogram design of the 1970’s and 80’s. This smallish piece of gear is the first complete sign of the new level of integration of audio. Others have come ahead, but never with the fullness of detail and matching of hardware and software. The Note’s sound quality is right there with other separates that when assembled into a rig at this price range. The built-in amplifier can handle a wide variety of speakers with outright quality sonics. The Aura Note is definitely a member of my Best Of 2008 choices. If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant solution that produces great sound April Music’s Aura Note may just be the only shopping you’ll need to do for an all-in-one setup.”

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The brand new Eximus DP1 and S1 products are April Music’s cost-no-object products at extremely reasonable prices for their sonic and build quality. Once again April Music prove they are at the audiophile cutting edge with the release of the versatile EXIMUS DP1 DAC/ Preamplifier/ Headphone Amplifier in this beautiful stylish casing. Matching this is the Eximus S1 Stereo/ Monoblock Class D Amplifier. This remarkable unit is either a 125watt Stereo Amplifier or with the addition of another S1 and the flick of a couple of switches becomes a a pair of extremely powerful 500watt Monoblocks.

Eximus DP1 $4499

Eximus S1 Amplifier $3999

April Music are an audio company looking at what products will be made in the future and then manufacturing those products now!