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DNM first introduced their Solid Core Cables to the world 25 years ago and they have been in continuous production and continuously selling ever since.

They are designed in Britain by brilliant audio engineer Denis Morecroft, who, to this day, is improving and expanding upon his original ideas.

These cables are very smooth and highly musical. They are an extremely good match across a wide variety of systems.


Combined with the Eichmann Bullet Plug, the DNM Interconnect won the “What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision” Interconnect of the Year in their 2002 Awards. They said:  “Vocals are crystal clear, while instruments are well separated and coherent. The top-end is sweet and detailed, while the bass has bags of punch and extension.”

Stereo Times said: “The DNM cables are seductive and addicting: the complete immersion into musical performance makes it very difficult to return to cables that don’t have their √©lan and coherence.”

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The design of DNM Stereo Solid Core Precision builds on the previous award winning DNM Solid Core speaker cable that was introduced in 1984 to an astonished audio world hooked on heavy multi-stranded cables. Over time the high resolution of DNM Solid Core won many users and set a better route towards high fidelity sound in the home.

The  new DNM Stereo Solid Core Precision Speaker Cable is a very clever improvement over the original Solid Core cable..
In the same size cable ribbon there are now four separate wires. These can be used to very neatly bi-wire suitable speakers or can be “un-zipped” and fed to your two speakers.

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This latest stereo solid core cable from DNM has a balance of parameters to enable it to work in a wide variety of hi-fi systems. Instead of using 0.65mm diameter conductors the DNM Stereo Solid Core Speaker version uses 1mm diameter high purity copper to reduce the resistance by a factor of 2.5 times. This allows longer cable runs, less sensitive speakers and higher power amplifiers to be used.

The ribbon dimensions are set to reduce the capacitance and slightly increase the inductance, to ensure amplifier stability with longer runs of cable. The result is a stereo ribbon 25.5mm wide and 2.2mm thick with the same facility for easy installation as the Precision cable but with a much higher performance in medium to low sensitivity speaker systems

Important Buying Information: When ordering DNM Stereo Solid Core Precision or DNM Stereo Solid Core by the metre you are actually receiving two metres of speaker cable in unzipped form. eg: If you need three metres of speaker cable to wire up your stereo speakers you only order a single three metre length. This is then unzipped to run to both speakers. This, of course, does not apply if you wish to bi-wire

Treat yourself to an absolutely iconic cable that is number 62 on Stereophile Magazine’s list of the most important 100  Hi Fi Products of the last 40 years.
It  has proven it’s worth over the decades while other brands and designs have come and gone.

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