AMG Turntables

amg tt 2
The AMG Viella Turntable

The remarkable AMG Viella 12 Turntable is now officially available in NZ for the first time.

Invented and developed by Werner Roeschlau, (now sadly deceased), his son Julian Lorenzi and other master machinists at their bespoke multi-story Bavarian factory located north of Munich.

It seems mad that a $29,500 turntable can be called a “bargain” but that is exactly what many glowing reviews and audio forum postings are saying.

The AMG V12 belongs in esteemed company being regularly praised as being one of the finest turntables on the planet by all the major hi fi publications.

Extraordinary and beautiful, the AMG V12’s precise engineering and innovative technology, from the massively over-engineered bearing to the utterly unique 12 inch tonearm, put this turntable firmly at front-and-centre of a truly great audio system.

TONE Magazine awarded the AMG V12 their “Analogue Product of the Year” in 2012. Quite an achievement for a brand new company and their very first product!

The Dagogo reviewer said, in his opinion, it was one of the finest two turntables he had ever used! In fact after that review the AMG V12 became his new main turntable replacing his former favourite…