VPI Turntables


The VPI Classic 1  is truly an audiophile turntable at a budget price. ( in audiophile terms! ) It is a superbly engineered and built turntable and a current culmination of Harry Weisfeld’s genius at turntable development and production.
It makes many other turntables in this price range look like children’s toys!

VPI Turntable


The VPI Classic 2 adds the “VTA on the Fly” base for the easiest and most accurate VTA adjustment whilst playing your records.

VPI Turntable

The VPI Classic 3 is the most beautiful and sophisticated of the Classic Range. A massively engineered plinth, improved new feet,  the Nordost Vahalla-wired  10.5 arm with stainless steel arm-tube and the addition of the HR-X Center Weight and Periphery Ring. Analogue heaven!

VPI Turntable

The VPI Classic 4 has a much bigger chassis with room for for two arms, the 12.7 inch HR-X Arm and the 10.5 inch Classic 3 arm. Definitely one for the serious analogue audiophile with multiple phono cartridges.

VPI Turntable

The VPI Scout is the most highly reviewed Turntable on the planet! Ten years in production and now a major upgrade as the Scout 1.1 with a new specially-damped aluminium platter and new bearing.

VPI Turntable

The VPI Traveler – a new-entry high-end level turntable featuring a new incredibly low friction in the spring loaded sapphire Gimballed bearings This table was inspired and in memory of VPI co-founder, Sheila Weisfeld.

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