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Yarland Valve Amplifiers

YARLAND VALVE AMPLIFIERS Above: Yarland FV-34B Experience the superior sound quality of the extremely well-designed Yarland valve amplifiers at ridiculously affordable prices. All the Yarland Amplifiers incorporate high quality Clarity Caps sourced from...

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Almarro Valve Amplifiers

ALMARRO VALVE AMPLIFIERS The Almarro Amplifiers have been universally praised, especially the A318B 18watt SET Integrated which won a rare Realsization Award from Six Moons. They said that “In this price range, it’s...


Sugden Class A Amplifiers

SUGDEN AMPLIFIERS AND CD PLAYERS Soul to Sole Audio is the Official New Zealand Importer and Distributor of the iconic Sugden range of Class A Amplifiers and CD Players. All the Sugden Amplifiers...